Online Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Facebook has more than 500 million active users and half of them log in on a daily basis. Through Facebook advertising, you can be sure to reach any particular segment. Conventional advertising models are expensive and difficult to reach a narrow target. Facebook advertising is one option that can get you results and target specific user groups. You may be the local beauty parlor, Shop, Office, restaurant or a Fortune 500 organization, but Monology will show how to build your brand equity through Facebook advertising. Control Your Budget
Set the daily budget you are comfortable with
Adjust your daily budget at anytime
Choose to pay only when people click (CPC) or see your ad (CPM)

Facebook marketing and Google adwords is very effective marketing now a day. You can advertise your product or service to 5000 million people worldwide and 10 million Bangladeshi people. Facebook and Google advertisement cost is little bit advance and different from other advertisement cost procedure. If you spend 500 dollar for advertising and if you spend .10 dollar per click then you will get 5000 visitor in your website and get around 0.2+ million peoples page impression.

Monology's Marketing Solutions, our business is your business. More than ever, people rely on the internet to find what they want, and they want professional websites that reflect professional businesses. That is why, to be competitive, it is essential for today's businesses to have constant, leading-edge marketing exposure. Millions of people from around the world surf the web and with a powerful marketing campaign, you also have millions of potential customers. Here at Monology, we understand that your time is valuable, so let us take care of the marketing you need to maximize the potential customers you reach and to have a greater impact when you do. We are your one-stop shop and ultimate solution for all of your marketing needs so that you can do what you do best and focus on your business.

Our marketing professionals work with you to optimize your Web site for increased online exposure. With our internet marketing strategies, you'll get expert analysis and detailed instructions to give your site an edge over the competition.